Community Service Opportunities

Misc Face-to-Face and Online Community Service Opportunities

Virtual live gang prevention workshop. Earn up to 5 community service hours. Click here for more information.

Online Tobacco Prevention course that students can earn 5 hours of community service for completing.   The link for students to register is:

Contact Congress about important Issues

The United States Congress needs to hear more about the issues affecting communities around the country, such as issues faced by American youth.  Emailing a member of Congress is one way to champion this cause. Students can receive 1 hour per letter. Submit a copy of your letter to your counselor. 

PBSO offers one (1) hour of community service for video learning of the Good Samaritan Law.  

The 911 Good Samaritan Law is 12 minutes long and offers the viewer an hour of community service by typing their name on a certificate.


The Vaping Dangers presentation is 15 minutes long and offers the viewer an hour of community service by typing their name on a certificate.

Algebra Nation Community Service Opportunity


Students can earn hours for virtually tutoring a younger student (including siblings), or students can earn hours if it is necessary for them to provide childcare for younger siblings. For students who use these options, the parent should send an email to the school    counselor indicating how many hours per day and days per week the student was tutoring or responsible for the care of younger siblings.  If the parent does not have an email address or does not write, the student can send an email to the counselor with this information and the counselor (or a CLF) will call the parent to verify the hours.  

Foster an animal - 4 hours a day
Peggy Adams
Palm Beach County
Big Dog Ranch

Email/Mail-in/Drop-off Community Service Opportunity 
Please Join us in thanking our hospital workers who are our #frontlineheroes in the fight against Covid-19 while earning community service hours in the process. 

5 Thank you notes, pictures, cards, and/or signs will equal 2 community service hours. These can come from you, your parents, or your siblings. Check out some examples above! 

Please drop off and have your hours signed in person with minimal contact at the Schaefer Drugs pharmacy. 

You can mail entries to: 
Schaefer Drugs c/o Frontline Heroes
12797 W. Forest Hill Blvd.
Wellington, Florida 33414
(If you mail them, include a note with your personal email address to receive your hours)