Parking Passes

Please see the NEW 2022-2023 parking decal requirements below - 

1) Cost of the decal is $75 and must be paid on School Cash Online. 
2) Students must have community service hours recorded in the SIS system prior to submitting the application. Requirements are 20 hours for seniors, 15 hours for juniors, and 10 hours for sophomores.
3) Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
4) Students must be free of financial obligations.
5) The application is a google form (link below) that must be completed with all attachments uploaded. You will need to upload the following 4 items to the form - current vehicle registration, current insurance card, your Florida driver's license and the parking decal receipt from school cash online. Failure to provide the required documentation will delay your application process.

Parking Decals are available for purchase on Schoolcash Online (students will have to upload a copy of their Schoolcash receipt when they complete their Parking Decal Agreement).

Students/Parents can complete their Parking Decal Agreement by clicking the below link.

Agreement Link
If you already have an SRHS parking decal and need to request a Temporary Parking Decal please fill out the form below and bring it to Suite Silver at least 1 DAY PRIOR to the first day you need the temporary decal.
Click here for Temporary Decal Application