Cambridge AICE Diploma Information

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Meet the Cambridge AICE Ambassadors!

Congratulations to these sharks for being selected as the Cambridge AICE Ambassadors at Spanish River.  They will serve as student representatives helping educate students, parents, and others about AICE Diploma and AICE classes!


Cambridge AICE Diploma Awards Breakfast

Thirty four Sharks were honored for earning their AICE Diploma  at the Inaugural Cambridge Awards Breakfast on October  27, 2021.  Hosted in the Countess de Hoernle Theater, students joined administrators, guidance counselors and some teachers for a British inspired breakfast where they were awarded their AICE Diploma.  Along with this distinguished honor, they were awarded AICE Diploma sweatshirts,  will wear an AICE Diploma stole at graduation in May and have earned the opportunity for a Bright Futures Scholarship!

Congratulations to our amazing Sharks for their incredible achievements:

Allison Feller
Amanda Rodopoulos
Ani Penbe
Anthony Gabay
Baylee Jacobson
Ben Rosenthal, Diploma of Distinction
Bradley Gaskill
Brendan Bernstein
Brett Huberman
Dara Berenson
David Monroy
Dylan Zhuang
Elionia Dufrene, Diploma of Distinction
Ella Goldfarb
Emily Rodopoulos
Enrique Marina
Gabriella Bertholoet
Gianna Yallop
Ionna Copulos, Diploma of Distinction
Jackeline Bohn
Jordan Cohen
Joshua Shraiberg
Julia Arias
Kathleen Rossi
Lily Glanzer
Lucas Victor Tomulescu
Malissa Babinez, Diploma of Distinction
Max Reichstein, Diploma of Distinction
Nathan Gaskill
Nayla Sanchez
Noah Spatz
Sara Leon
Sebastian Moreira
Stephano Contreras

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