Schedule Change Requests

Schedule Change Requests
Posted on 07/28/2021

Schedule change requests can now be made online! Students' Schedules will be accessible in SIS on Wednesday, August 28th at 5pm.  Students need to log into the district portal and click on the SIS icon.  Requests for schedule changes will only be considered using the google request form. Submit your request using the link below. 

Please review and adhere to the following Schedule Change Guidelines before submitting a schedule change request.  

Please refrain from sending emails directly to school counselors and/or teachers, as it will DELAY and possibly PREVENT your request from being acted upon. Please keep in mind that requesting a course change does not guarantee the change will be made. There are many factors that must be considered first, including, but not limited to, class sizes and scheduling conflicts. If your request can not be accommodated your counselor will communicate the reason for the denial.

*Reasons we WILL consider a class change:

-Missing a course needed to meet diploma requirements (FineArts, PE, Academies, etc.)

-Scheduled for a course already taken

-Wrong sequence of course (ex: Chemistry before Biology)

-Wrong level course is listed (regular but should be honors or vice versa)

-Movement out of/ in to an AP/AICE course (will require further administrative approval once this form is received)

*Reasons we WILL NOT consider a class change:

-Changing a teacher

-Changing the period you are scheduled for course

-Student dissatisfied with a course

*If your course request is approved, you will see the change reflected in SIS within 72 hours.

*If your request is not approved, you will receive an email.

*Schedules will continue to be adjusted as we balance class loads and adjust schedules  due to test scores/staff changes. Please check SIS on August 9th after 5pm. Students will receive a NEW printed copy of their finalized schedule in 1st period on the first day of school. 

Important Dates:

7/28 - Student Schedules available is SIS at 5pm (Tentative awaiting release of FSA scores)

7/28 - 8/6- - Schedule Change Request via google form 

8/6 - Freshman/New Student Orientation (7:30-11AM)

8/6 - Return to River for 10th -12th graders (12-3pm)

8/6 - Last day to request schedule changes at noon

8/9 - Teachers email students with google classroom codes/links 

Follow the link below to submit your schedule

change request.