OCR 2022 Back to School PBC!

2022 OCR's Back to School PBC!
Posted on 02/15/2022


The Office of Community Revitalization (OCR) is excited to announce that registration for the 2022 Back to School PBC! event is open since February 1st!


The purpose of this email is to request your assistance in sharing information about the event with your students, and posting the information on your School’s website and social media outlets so they know where and how to register to receive this year free school supplies, backpacks and other community resources. In addition, If you are able to identify underserved students from Kindergarten to 12th grade at your school, and assist them with registration so they can participate in the event it would be also greatly appreciated.

As in the past, registration is by invitation only, and eligible students must register at www.backtoschoolpbc.org  before May 15, 2022 to be able to participate in the event.  To be eligible to register and participate for free through our office, students must reside in one of our designated Countywide Community Revitalization Team (CCRT) areas  or in any mobile home park in unincorporated Palm Beach County (maps of eligible areas are attached for your convenience).  You are being contacted because your school serves students in those neighborhoods and the OCR wants to make sure that all students in need have the opportunity to participate. A flyer in pdf format is attached that you can share with your students and families along with logos of the event that you are free to use to do an hyperlink, if desired, which are free for you to use.


To determine eligibility and register, parents or students should go to the above website, enter code PBCOCR, the parent’s email address, and the parent’s cell phone number.   Registration is accessible online via a PC, tablet, or smart phone in English, Spanish and Creole.  After completing the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to all those registered. 

Click here to learn more.


For your information, the event will be held this year on Saturday, July 30, 2022 prior to the start of the 2022/23 school year at different areas of the County, including: South County; Central County; North County, and the Glades, with the largest sites being at the Convention Center, Village Academy, and Palm Beach State College - Belle Glade Campus. In addition to the backpacks and school supplies, and depending on the location and resource availability, participating students may also receive haircuts, school uniforms, sneakers, socks, blood tests, biometric health screenings, vision screening, hearing tests and other health-related resources.


For those who don’t know about it, Back to School PBC! is planned, funded and implemented by the OCR in partnership with the Spirit of Giving Network, OCR’s major partner; the Children Services Council of Palm Beach County; the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office; the Youth Services and Parks and Recreation Departments, and a collaboration of several community based organizations and volunteers.

Getting students ready to go back to school can be a hardship for many families. It is expensive for parents and an emotional challenge for students if they do not have the resources they need to feel confident about attending school.   Unfortunately, many families in Palm Beach County simply cannot afford to spend money on getting their children ready for school, so we appreciate any assistance you can provide.

As a long-term partner of our community efforts, the OCR looks forward to continuing to work with the School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC) on an ongoing basis to strengthen and improve Palm Beach County’s youth.  The OCR also looks forward to your assistance in ensuring that all students in need have the opportunity to take part of this exciting event. 

 If you have any questions regarding registration or would like to discuss the content of this email, please contact Houston L. Tate, OCR Director, at (561) 233-5303 or [email protected], or Ruth Moguillansky, OCR Principal Planner and Back to School PBC! Coordinator at [email protected] or (561) 233-5376. If any assistance is needed with our registration portal, please contact George Schott, OCR Planning Technician at [email protected] or at (561) 233-2482. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and helping us both spread the word about the registration and assist those who need us the most!